Our history

Sylvie has had a passion for aromas since she was very young, which was passed on to her by her father, Gilles. Her father and his roses. Besides, Rose is the name he chose for her when she was born but her mother decided otherwise.

His father's passion was his rose garden. Every Sunday morning in the summer, Sylvie went with him to visit his rose garden. He said to him: “Close your eyes and be completely in the feeling. Let yourself be invaded by their scents. They all have a different scent, each very distinct. » He asked her to describe to him what she (felt) like. He taught her to develop her sense of smell and to put her emotions into words. He was passionate about horticulture; the trees, the plants, the flowers… He called her his love rose and always told her that she was the most beautiful flower in all his gardens.

Shortly before his death, his dad wrote to him, from his hospital bed, on a tiny piece of paper:

“Follow the path of the rose, you will find your essence there”. This is what she did by creating Maison Rosessence, which embodies all the beauty of floral scents for the benefit of all.

Welcome to my world, Maison Rosessence which is the culmination of 25 years of training and development in skin care. It is with great pleasure and immense gratitude that I will share with you my learnings in skin care, my cosmetic products as well as my advice on overall health which will respect the being as a whole.

We believe in a balanced lifestyle. Nourish your body, your skin and your soul well in order to shine from the inside out.