“I created this treatment to beautify the lives of my clients in its entirety. It's more than a facial, it's a journey within ourselves, an exploration through the feelings of our body, which plunges us into total relaxation where all our senses are awake. »

Our cares

Our mission

Provide a sensory experience through organic care and cosmetic products based on olfactory therapy.

The values ​​that we wish to embody are respect for being and our planet in its entirety.

Our history

Sylvie has had a passion for aromas since she was very young, which was passed on to her by her father, Gilles. His father and his rose. Besides, Rose is the name he chose for her when she was born but her mother decided otherwise.

His father's passion was his rose garden. Every Sunday morning in the summer, Sylvie went with him to visit his rose garden. He said to him: “ Close your eyes and be completely in the feeling. Let yourself be invaded by their scent. They all have a different scent, each very distinct...

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